Monar Aero

Aerial Cinematography

Monar Aero's fleet of professional cinema UAV's capture stunning aerial footage sure to add immense value to your production.  Stirring bird's eye perspectives, previously attainable only via prohibitively expensive manned aircraft can now be attained safely and cost effectively.  Whether you opt for our heavy-lifting Freefly Alta 8, or the DJI Inspire 2 with 6k CinemaDNG X7 camera, our crew of seasoned professionals will get the shots you need.
Monar Aero is officially approved for commercial UAS operations within the United States for both standard aerial imaging as well as for work specifically in the motion picture  and television industry. We are FAA certified pilots with FAA registered aircrafts.  We carry liability and equipment insurance specifically tailored for UAS/Drone operations.
Why does this matter?

Of the thousands of exempted UAS operators in the United States, only a select few are approved for closed set motion picture and television work.  Within this small group, very few have  invested the time, money and effort necessary to become fully FAA licensed pilots (the FAA requires all commercial drone pilots to have at least a sport pilot license.)  With our closed set exemption, we are able to work on ANY production set. This eliminates the chance of your production being shut down because of regulatory pitfalls.

Remote Stabilized Heads

Monar Aero maintains an extensive range of the most advanced camera support equipment available.  Whatever your shot may be, we  provide you with the remote stabilized heads and technicians to take you successfully from storyboard to reality.   


Freefly Movi Pro Stabilized Remote Gimbal, Drones, Aerial Cinematography, Monar Aero
  • 15lb capacity

  • D-Tap outputs and hot swappable batteries

  • Motion Control/Time Lapse

  • Compatible with Alpha Wheels

  • Integrated FIZ controller


DJI Ronin MX

DJI Ronin MX Stabilized Remote Gimbal, Drones, Aerial Cinematography, Monar Aero
  • 10lb capacity
  • D-Tap outputs
  • Single or Dual Operator 

DJI Ronin

DJI Ronin Stabilized Remote Gimbal, Drones, Monar Aero, Aerial Cinematography
  • 16lb capacity
  • D-Tap outputs
  • Single or Dual Operator 

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